Britax Romer Evolva 1-2-3

Britax Romer Evolva Car Seat
Manufacturer: Britax
Age Group: 9M – 12Y
Weight Group: 9-36kg
Weight of car seat: 8kg
Colours: Black, Grey, Blue, Rose
Material: Unknown
ISOFix Required: No
Pushchair Compatible: No
Pushchair: No

With the Britax Romer Evolva, the first thing to note is that this chair is recommended from the age of 9months on, as it is forward facing only. It does support upto 12 years, which explains the slogan that goes with the chair “Designed to grow with your child”.

One of the most essential features with this chair is the convenience it provides. Have you ever tried to clean a toddlers car seat where the covers don’t come off? You’d be amazed by where your toddlers mess goes, and if you can’t get the covers off, it makes the cleaning job so much more difficult. With the Britax Romer Evolva this is possible and is designed to be easy to achieve.

For the comfort of every parents mind, the car seat comes with a 5 point harness, ensuring your toddler stays in their car seat. At the age of 2-3 years this is a key thing, because if other children are anything like mine, they will be trying every way possible to get out of the car seat. I’ve found a 5 point harness to be essential.

For maximising the comfort of all toddlers out there using this car seat, the Britax Romer Evolva has a few adjustable feature which include; adjustable headrest, adjustable 5 point harness and adjustable reclining position.

There are also deep side wings on both sides of the car seat to maximise protection the event of a side on collision.

Overall from what I can see, and reading fellow reviews online this carseat is one of the best in it’s price range. On one website at the moment over 230 customers have reviewed this and it’s rated 4.4 out of 5, which is an impressive statistic.

One more thing worth mentioning, this seat comes in three variations. Depending on which you want, depends on the price. It looks like there is a basic version, a more comforting option (PLUS) and a more safety first style option (SICT).

Additional items that can go with this, is the option of buying a travel bag for the car seat. See the links below.

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