Baby Car Seat Covers Explained

An Overview of Baby Car Seat Covers

A baby car seat cover, follows the same concept of normal car seat covers/protectors. They’re designed to either fit around or inside of the baby car seat, and generally it’s easier to find universally fitting baby car seat covers than ones specific to a baby car seat model.

When looking around it’s possible that people will also refer to baby car seat canopies which are very similar but generally don’t give you the same level of visibility on your baby and how they’re doing in the back of the car whilst you’re driving.

What types of Baby Car Seat Covers can you buy?

This really depends on your appetite for why you’re looking at baby car seat covers. Firstly if you’re looking for a baby car seat cover, to protect the baby car seat or even the actual car seat that you’re little ones seat is sitting on, then you two options. (1) You can buy a baby car seat cover that covers the baby car seat or (2) you can buy a car seat cover that you’re then able to put the baby car seat on top of.

Baby Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover/Protector

Then there is the other reason why people want to buy baby car seat covers and that is for the comfort that they provide. For example, in the winter they can provide extra warmth or in long car journeys they make the car seat just that little bit softer and perfect for the little one to snuggle up in. These types of baby car seat covers are generally a little pricier but also come in a range of designs.

What materials are used for baby car seat covers?

Depending on the season you’re buying a baby car seat cover for, you’ll notice that the materials vary. In the winter, the baby car seat covers are designed to be fleece lined and keep warmth locked in, whereas in the summer they’re designed to be thin and airy to try and minimise babies from overheating and sweating.

Where can you buy a baby car seat cover?

At first when you start looking it’s hard to find where to buy baby car seat covers from, but once you’ve spent a little while looking around online, they start to appear everywhere. As you can see throughout this article, I’ve placed links to Amazon which I regularly find has a wide choice for baby goods.

There are other locations to look, such as mothercare, and some specialised shops in the UK and USA.

UK shops/stores

USA shops/stores

What are the benefits of a baby car seat cover?

The first benefit of using a baby car seat cover that comes to mind, is how big of a benefit it provides regarding baby hygiene. This is because they can be slipped off and on to the baby car seat very fast and very easily, so it makes washing a baby car seat cover simple. I know from personal experience that removing the padding from the actual baby car seat is not always straight forward, or can be a nightmare to get back on, so imagine how using one of these. Again from personal experience I’ve seen my child spill/drop food and drink in the car a lot and you can’t really expect any better from a one or two year old.

Another added benefit is the addition of making sure your little one is warm, especially with the use of a winter baby car seat cover, which are often fleece lined. The only think I will say, is keep an eye on your baby because if you’ve got the car heating cranked high and they’re under a nice warm fleecy baby car seat cover, perhaps it’s possible they might over heat?

Are there any alternatives to baby car seat covers?

So what are the alternatives? I think there’s a couple of options here. The first is the most obvious and it’s also the cheapest, whilst possibly being the most widely used. A blanket. If you feel like a baby car seat cover just isn’t quite what you want, or you can’t get the style/colour you want, then you can usually find what you’re looking for in blanket form, just remember that little one can take a blanket off a lot easier than a baby car seat cover.

There is also the option of a baby car seat canopy, and the best way to describe these would probably be… think of a rain cover and then make it less transparent. The one big benefit of this is that it can protect your little one from the sun blasting through car windows, but there’s two negatives in my opinion, which are a) it’s not so easy to see what’s going on under the canopy when you’re driving down the road, and b) is it boring or comforting for a baby to stare at the same thing all the time?

Are baby car seat covers safe?

The general recommendation for safety, is that you should only use a baby car seat cover that does not go between your baby and the baby car seat. “American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says to use a car seat cover only if it does not have a layer under the baby”.

The other point I think that is worth noting, if you’re to use a car seat cover check to make sure your not voiding your warranty for the baby car seat and also take into consideration, that the more frilly and fancy it might be, the more it may increase the flammability of the baby car seat.

Summary of baby car seat covers?

I hope the above information has provided some greater insight into what baby car seat covers are, what the benefits of them are, what the risks are and where you can buy them. Please always read any information or guidance provided with baby products first, because the developer of the product should know the product better than anyone else.

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