Where to buy baby car seats – UK

In the short period of time that I’ve been building Baby and Car, I’ve not once thought of writing from the perspective of a first time parent to be. It’s a daunting but also fantastic adventure that you’re about to begin if you’re in this position, but how and where do you get everything that you’re looking for?

I can imagine that if you’re anything like myself, you would have never thought, where do I buy a baby car seat from, or even looked for one before. This left myself a little lost and the first thing I could think of was Google. Lets search for where to buy baby car seats but the results tended to be a single shop or two dominating the market. If you’re lucky you may have been able to stumble across a forum or two and then you’ll be trawling through posts and posts about different things, but this is just messy and time consuming to sift through.

Therefore I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of where to buy baby car seats, in the hope that it may save you some time. Obviously there are some places you will have thought of but then again with your mind on overdrive thinking about everything, it’s quite easy to miss a place. I’d advise that you bookmark this page if you find it useful or even share it on facebook and twitter, so you know how to find your way back.

So where can you buy baby car seats from in the UK? (If you’re from the US, to see the US version of this article, click here)

Mothercare have a huge selection of baby car seats and if you’re unsure, the visiting the store is a good idea. They usually have the car seats out on shelving and you can touch them, feel them and generally get your hands on them. We’ve found that buy taking our little one along, we can literally put baby in the car seat inside the shop and see if it’s a good fit.
Website: https://www.mothercare.com/car-seats-and-carriers/

Obviously this is a classic house hold name that’s been around for a while, who stock everything, so there’s no surprise that they do baby seats. Keep your eyes open for good deals and offers and you could save some cash.
Website: https://www.argos.co.uk/browse/baby-and-nursery/travel/car-seats-booster-seats-and-travel-accessories/car-seats/c:29053/

Probably the biggest car retailer in the UK, so no surprise that they sell baby car seats. This is where we purchased our first baby car seat from and the benefit of doing this, was that an employee came out and showed us how to fit the car seat correctly into the car. We also got a spectacular bargain. Our car seat cost £50, but retailed for over £200. This was due to a store relocation, but does prove a couple of points. 1. look around and you might get a good deal, and 2. online is not always better.
Website: https://www.halfords.com/kids-zone/car-seats

Great if you just cant quite stretch to the retail prices, which is understandable because baby car seats can be expensive. Many people once they’re finished with them will try and resell. Some common sense needs to be mentioned here, please check the quality and be sure of what you’re buying, because a second hand car seat could be damaged. This is your child’s life, and you do not want to be putting it in unnecessary harm. Please also note that ebay sell new products as well and you can get some excellent deals.
Website: https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/Baby-Car-Seats/66695/bn_2317197

The UKs version of Walmart, it stocks a wide range of things. Usually a place to go to for food and clothing, but they do stock a small selection of baby car seats and they generally tend to favour the more common ones, which people like to buy.
Website: https://direct.asda.com/george/baby/car-seats/D5M15G1C2,default,sc.html

Probably the biggest online store that we have in the UK. If you want something, it’ll be on Amazon. As you can likely tell from throughout the Baby and Car website, I tend to favour Amazon. There are multiple factors to this, and they’re simple ones such as good delivery, wide choices and reasonable prices.
Website: Baby Car Seats on Amazon

Smyths Toys
With Toys R Us going out of business, Smyths appears to be the most popular high-street toy store for us, and they stock a few baby car seats to go along with the toys. Like Asda it tends to be a few of the most common brands, and the prices rival other competitors.
Website: https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/baby/car-seats-and-bases/c/SM060202

They’re mainly online now I think, but as far as I can see they’re similar to Argos. They provide a range of baby car seats but you cant exactly test and play with them prior to purchasing.
Website: https://www.littlewoods.com/child-baby/car-seats/e/b/2670.end

Ok so hopefully now with this list compiled you now know where to buy baby car seats.

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