Child Lock In Car Explained

When you first have a child you never really consider the thought of locking the doors of the car because the gap between the door handles and your babies hands looks like the grand canyon, but as they grow this gap quickly vanishes into nothing. At this point learning where the child lock in your car is, becomes quickly essential and important.

Lets talk about it then, where is the child lock in cars and how do you activate the child lock in cars?

From my experience with the two cars I have, there are two versions of child locks in cars, in relation to the car doors. The first is an automatic version, which sits on the inside door of the driver side of a car. It’s usually a small button or trigger which is represented by a door and a padlock symbol, that once pressed will lock either all the doors or just the back doors. I have taken an image from my car and placed it below.

Honda Civic Car Child Lock
Honda Civic Car Child Lock

This lock is what I refer to as the child lock in cars. Some models and makes of cars will represent this lock in different ways, so have a look around for the brand of car that is yours and the term “child lock in car”, you will likely find it quite fast.

However for those of you left confused because you cannot see the child lock in your car, then you’re not alone. We also own a 5 door Vauxhall/Opel Corsa and we always made the assumption that the back doors just locked when driving, which was a bad idea. We ended up driving along a small road one day when our daughter opened the car door on her side. The rest of the journey was what can only be considered a scary nightmare but as soon as we got home, we looked into how they can be secured.

In the car handbook we found that in the side of the door, there is room for you to poke your key in and then turn it 90 degrees, which enables a child lock in car function. What this did was allow the doors to be opened from the outside of the car but not from the inside, thus locking the doors and preventing children from opening them during the journey.

See the image below for what we had to do with the Vauxhall Corsa to enable the child lock in car function. It is easy and anyone can do this, so do not think you need to go to a garage, it’s just like locking your front door.

Corsa Car Child Lock
Corsa Car Child Lock

My advice is that if you’re struggling to find the child lock in car option, then refer to your car hand book. It is like having a bible that explains everything about your car and most cars come with them.

If you can’t find the car hand book in physical form, have a look online and see if you can find a PDF version of it, or just do a general search for the car and the term child lock. Then if all else fails, have a word with your local garage, the small businesses might be generous enough to simply show you for free, in the hope that you’ll come back when you have bigger problems.

Note: As we’re discussing the locking of car doors to improve child safety, I feel compelled to state the obvious, so here goes. Please do not ever leave a child locked and/or unattended in a car. This is dangerous and there’s no reason why this should ever occur. Please think before you act.

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