Spiderman Baby Car Seat

Spiderman Baby Car Seat
Manufacturer: Nania
Age Group: 0-4Y
Weight Group: 0-18kg
Weight of car seat: 5.2kg
Colours: N/A
Material: polyester
ISOFix Required: No
Pushchair Compatible: No
Pushchair: No

The spiderman car seat is a must have for all parents with a baby boy. There is no better way that saying “yes I have a baby boy” that a blue car seat with spiderman on it.

With that being said, how good is this actual car seat? Well, if you’re a parent with a couple of babies, run a an after school club or just do the pickups after school, it’s worth noting that the spiderman aspect of the car seat is just a skin and the car seat actually comes in the following options:

The car seat is a basic one, but still it provides the necessary things needed for your little one to enjoy the ride. The Spiderman baby car seat comes with a 5 point harness ensuring that your little man can’t slip out of the seat, and also adjustable shoulder straps to make the security of your baby an even better fit.

It doesn’t work with ISOFIX, so you are required to use a seatbelt to attach to your car, and this isn’t so difficult. The seat belt is a 3 point security system, and the seat can be positioned facing forwards or backwards.

From all the other reviews online, it seems like the nania baby car seats are really good value for money and there’s rarely anything negative said about them, so for the price tag of £40-50 its a bargain.

As always, please check with the manufacturer for all details before buying.

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