Your easy guide to the Joie Spin 360 Baby Car Seat

Joie Spin 360 Baby Car Seat

Joie Spin 360 baby car seat general overview

As one of the most reputable baby car seat manufacturers Joie, you know that this car seat is going to bring something special to your drive, and they do not fail to deliver. This baby car seat is what I’d consider one of the more premium versions and therefore has some very good features.

Joie Spin 360 baby car seat technical specifications

Product Weight: 12kg
Age Group: 0+/1 (0Y-4Y)
Weight Group: 0-18kg
Colours: Merlot, Two Tone Black, Dark Pewter
Sitting Position: Rear facing, Forward facing
Recline Positions: 5

Joie Spin 360 baby car seat manufacturer details

The manufacture of the car seat is Joie, and they’ve been in business for quite some time. The Joie website does not elaborate on how long but is does evidence that they know what they’re doing with baby related products, just look at all the awards that they’ve won.

In regards to the Joie Spin 360 baby car seat, they have an official page for it on the Joie website which can be found here so you can double check every thing you read on BabyAndCar.

Why buy the Joie Spin 360 baby car seat?

Well one of the big positives about the Spin 360, is exactly that, it utilises some of the more modern technologies in baby car seats and brings a new dimension to getting baby into and out of the car. The baby car seat spins 360 degrees with the use of a single hand. Along side the rotating aspect, it also comes with some really good comforts. such as “Plush, deluxe cushioning and fabrics to keep baby cosy”, and it locks straight into place with an ISOFIX base making for easy installation.

What are the negatives about Joie Spin 360 baby car seat?

If I was to be completely honest, with premium quality and new features, usually comes an expensive price tag. This is true of the Joie Spin 360 baby car seat as it retails for around £200 upwards. The only other real negative is that you need to have a car that can handle an ISOFIX base, and depending on where you purchase this from, you may need to buy an ISOFIX base, which would increase the cost again.

Where can I buy the Joie Spin 360 baby car seat?

If you’re interested in purchasing this baby car seat, then a good question is where you can you buy it from? The best place I’ve found to buy baby car seats is Amazon, and the reason is simple. I find that Amazon has reasonable prices and there tends to be much more opportunity at finding the product you want in stock, instead of heading to a store. I’ve linked to the Joie Spin 360 baby car seat just below so you can see what it’s selling for and even check other peoples opinions through the Amazon reviews.


Joie Spin 360 baby car seat conclusion

Overall I think this is a good quality baby car seat and if you’re wanting to spend between £150-300, then you could do far worse. The Joie Spin 360 offers some really good attributes and looks nice inside the car, so I think it’s worth purchasing.

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