Easy guide to the Graco Affix Stargazer Baby Car Seat

Graco Affix Stargazer Baby Car Seat

Graco Affix Stargazer baby car seat general overview

The Graco Affix Highback Stargazer baby car seat is highly reviewed and in a good manner. From all the feedback I’ve seen online, this is a car seat that people like and it’s not surprising. It comes with all the basic features that are needed, and at an amazing price, for example at the moment I can see it on Amazon for only £50.

Graco Affix Stargazer baby car seat technical specifications

Product Weight: 5.3kg
Age Group: 2/3 (4Y-12Y)
Weight Group: 15-36KG
Colours: Black, Stargazer (Red)
Sitting Position: Forward facing

Graco Affix Stargazer baby car seat manufacturer details

The Graco Affix Stargazer is manufactured by Graco, who’s main website is located here http://www.graco.co.uk/. Many people will already have heard of Graco baby car seats because in the baby world, they’re a household name. The Graco company is well established and has its roots stemming from the 1940s, which shows that they know what they’re doing. For a link directly to this product on their website please click here http://www.graco.co.uk/car-seats/junior/affix

What are the Graco Affix Stargazer baby car seat positives?

This baby car seat can be attached with or without the usage of ISOFIX, but by using ISOFIX you are increasing the safety. Some of the simpler but more beneficial things about the Graco Affix Stargazer is the convenience it provides you, for example: one, it has a drinks holder and we all know how children like to have drinks in the car (hopefully this will minimise the mess). And two it has been designed with removable, machine washable softgoods that can be also wiped down clean (aka, you can take the cover off the baby car seat and clean it).

What are the negatives of the Graco Affix Stargazer baby car seat?

The only negatives related to the Graco Affix Stargazer, seem to be that it’s a budget seat. You’re not going to get the best quality in the world for £50, but it does the job. A few people I’ve read online have said the Affix Stargazer could do with a bit more padding and that children can slump forward a bit if they fall asleep as there’s no recline function but generally it’s a good all round baby car seat.

Where to buy the Graco Affix Stargazer baby car seat

As I mentioned in the start of this baby car seat review, I have found this on Amazon for £50 at present (date: 27 Jan 2019), but the price may vary. It’s available in a lot of stores, but I am personally a fan of Amazon as it provides some really good insights through other peoples product reviews. There’s a link below to the exact car seat on Amazon, feel free to click on it and have a look.

Graco Affix Stargazer baby car seat conclusion

Overall in conclusion, would I buy the Graco Affix Stargazer for my children? I think if my budget was between £50-100 then yes I would, because I think it ticks all the boxes and the only time I wouldn’t is if I was performing long car journeys on a regular basis.

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